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Our Needs&Solutions marketplace platform for Africa- PickantApp


Poverty and hunger are still common in Africa/Asia. The reason why? It's simple: people lack access to basic solutions. Over the years, we have trained hundreds of thousands of poor people in Africa. In that time, we have learned that there are solutions available. The equipment, resources, and services people need are in-fact nearby. People would be willing to help each other for some extra income, too. They only need help connecting!

This is where PickantApp comes into the picture. PickantApp ( is a marketplace linking rural communities' challenges/needs to local solution providers via a visual location-based platform. While rural communities need food, farm equipment, services, clients, and even water & medicine, tons of goods stay unsold, millions travel empty daily from rural areas to the city and back, millions of hangars stay empty, and local experts stay workless…

Our vision is that rural communities will find solutions to their problems by harnessing resources around them! On PickantApp, anyone can post a request for a solution or offer one for money. 


Say, for example, that someone is heading into the city to get supplies: others might pay him for collecting their seeds/Medicines. Suppose another person is looking to use a water pump or a tractor: they can find one available at

Food, drinking water, washing water, cleaning supplies, delivery, equipment, transportation, storage: on PickantApp, people can find the things they need!


We empower new entrepreneurs (especially youth & women) by providing business trainings and help them do business through the use of PickantApp


*Unlike others, PickantApp is designed to work in rural areas where many can't read/write, and where internet connectivity is poor. We offer location and SMS based services to stimulate much more business activities.


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Sponsor a subscription of as little as 13$ for someone in African, we will do the rest!




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