MCI: Linking Smallholder Farmers to Global Market


MCI Offers you:

15% interest on your investments!

25% reduction in your raw materials costs!


How do we do it?

We build cheaper and more stable supply-chains designated for you only with low-income farmers. Because-  

  • We believe African smallholder farmers can provide global market's food needs if commercially empowered to use better technologies & inputs!

  • So we commit to buy large quantities of commodities from them and then help them improve yields so they can deliver more!

  • When farmers improve yields we can buy more and then sell more to our clients!

  • When working directly with empowered farmers we get better prices, and also stability in costs, quantity and quality!



For Investors:

We offer a minimum of 15% interest on your investment, with a significant impact on African farmers!

For Food Corporates:

We offer 25% reduction in costs, stability in prices quality and quantity through a supply-chain designed for you only!


What we do


We are experts in value-chain creation, from low-income small-holder farmers to global clients and vice-versa. We empower farmers through trade & technical support, and build better supply chains to our food- industry clients. To maintain profitability and impact at the same time, we aggregate and buy commodities from local farmers and resell them to retailers & food corporates. The profit enables us to reinvest and help farmers improve yields even more so we can buy more and then sell more to our clients.

We simply encourage farmers to do more of what they already do, and everyone wins!

Business Meeting


Who We Are

We have accomplished the above-described trade process successfully over the past few years repeatedly, both in several crop-based transactions, as well as in other commodity markets.

By committing to buy large quantities, and due to a very profound experience and presence in the field, we help boost local production and ensure that farmers improve their yields so they can deliver ample output.

Due to the fact that the population in African countries is growing by an average of 5% annually, yet importation of food hovers around 90-95%, there is always enough leeway for our activity. If you're an investor- now you can gain 15% interest and more on your investment with us while doing good! And if you're a food & beverages producer- now you can reduce your raw ingredients costs by 25% and more! Let us tell you how...




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Our state-of-the-art Business Generating Platform for Africa- PickantApp

PickantApp is a business arena of requests & solutions, helping population in developing countries get access to everything they need (like food, farm equipment, services and even water), by harnessing unused resources around them. On PickantApp, anyone can post a request for a solution or offer one for money. 

Poverty and hunger are still common in Africa/Asia. The reason why? It's simple: people lack access to basic solutions. Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of thousands of poor people in Africa. In that time, we have learned that there are solutions available. The equipment, resources, and services people need are in-fact nearby. People would be willing to help each other for some extra income, too. They only need help connecting.

PickantApp- our Business Generating Platform makes it easy for people to connect, and solving immediate problems. Say for example that someone is heading into the city to pick up some supplies: others could pay him for picking up their medicine. Say another person is looking to use a tractor: they can find one available on Pickant.

Food, drinking water, washing water, cleaning supplies, delivery, equipment, transportation, storage: on PickantApp, people can find the things they need! 

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Agnam Thiodaye, Senegal


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Agnam Thiodaye, Senegal